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A Week In The Life

Our showrooms are busy places! Have a look at a typical week as a franchisee.


09.00 Start of Mr & Mrs A’s new kitchen installation…Liaise with the client and fitter on site

10.30 Meeting with Design Assistant for briefing on week ahead, delegation of; checking order confirmations, inputting kitchen plans, preparing presentations and quotes, admin etc

11.00 Neff ASM visit – discussion of potential Neff cooking demo in coming months

11.30 Make amendments to customer kitchen plans after Mr & Mrs B’s presentation on

Saturday (ready for 2nd presentation)

13.00 Run through order confirmation for Miss C’s kitchen order - any amendments to be revised with Germany OP Team

14.30 Start to design and quote for Mr D’s kitchen on CAD after site visit in previous week

17.15 Liaise with Mr & Mrs A’s fitting team to check on progress


09.00 BNI Meeting (Networking)

11.30 Work on Mr D’s design & quote

12.00 Potential customer walks into showroom… have an informed discussion and log customer personal details

12.20 continue working on Mr D’s design & quote

14.15 Quote and take an order for replacement Neff oven and hob for a customer

16.30 Site survey at Mr & Mrs E’s home after consultation and booking on the previous Saturday


09.00 Meeting with magazine agent for local advertising campaign in the coming months.

10.00 Finish quote and design for Mr D

13.00 Mr & Mrs B 2nd presentation

15.00 Book skip for Mr & Mrs F’s kitchen installation starting Monday

15.05 Start work on Mr & Mrs E’s kitchen design and quote

17.00 Visit Mr & Mrs A’s kitchen install on route home to check progress and resolve any potential issues


DAY OFF Design Assistant to cover opening of showroom


09.00 Mr & Mrs A’s worktop template – site visit

11.00 Design consultation with prospective customer

2.20 Meeting with Blanco ASM

12.30 Confirm delivery of Mr & Mrs F’s kitchen with Storage/Delivery Company

15.00 Mr & Mrs G’s worktop fit - site visit


09.30 Customer walks into showroom enquiring about full kitchen fit, survey booked for following week

10.30 Presentation with Mr D – booked a site survey with their builder to discuss works

13.00 3rd presentation with Mr & Mrs B, kitchen sold!

15.00 Prospect walks into showroom enquiring about full kitchen fit – details taken and added to mailing list

15.15 Prospect walks into showroom enquiring about full kitchen fit… leads into design consultation as customer has bought in their plans for property extension. Presentation booked the following Saturday

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