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Ideas are like rabbits...

Posted on 26 August 2014

“Ideas are like rabbits.  You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen” – John Steinbeck


We’re a pretty caring and sharing bunch at in-toto and we seem to attract like-minded people.  In fact, many of our Franchisees say that in-toto appealed to them because it has a strong family feel.  Like all good families, we are always available to offer support, when needed. 

We believe that one of our strengths is the solid foundation of our network, so we nurture that relationship.  Networking can be a real asset to a business and we encourage all our Franchisees to network with each other too.  That’s why we organise frequent ‘Best Practice Workshops’ at convenient locations across the UK for our Franchisees to get together and share their ideas. 

best practice group in Bath July 2014

The topics for discussion at each session are chosen by the Franchisees so we’re focused on what they really want to know more about.  From marketing ideas to design solutions for tricky spaces, everyone has the chance to talk about what works best for them and together, we all get better.   

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