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in-toto Leads by Example

Posted on 18 June 2014


in-toto has put over 35 years of retailing experience in the kitchen market to good use with the launch of four company owned studios within the last two years.  Showing the ultimate confidence in our business model, we have opened our own in-toto studies in Leicester, Leamington Spa, Glasgow and Stirling.  Unlike the other in-toto studios, these retail outlets are owned and managed by us and have been launched to support our nationwide network of franchisees. 

Jasmine Powdrill, in-toto Franchise Development Manager, explains: “Our company owned studies will operate like every other store with the main objective of selling kitchens.  They are all run as if they were typical franchises – the only difference is that they are owned by in-toto.  It’s where we can prove our business model works in order to support the existing network and also attract new franchisees”. 

The company owned studios represent a significant investment by in-toto, having spent a large amount of capital on the development of the studios to feature some of the latest in-toto products.  Going forward, the studios will also be a test facility for new products and trends.  Jasmine explains, “the company owned studios are the size and location of a typical franchise store – nothing about them is outside the box and they don’t get any special treatment.  With these studios, we’re not just telling people how it’s done, we’re actually doing it ourselves too”.   

Managing our own studios has given us greater insight into our franchise model and we’ve been able to make great improvements in our business & systems admin as a result.  We’ve introduced a new online sales and customer lead tracking system, been able to develop our use of software applications and admin processes, and offer better quality training and support for all franchisees.

We also gain valuable feedback from our Studio Managers about our customers - what are the current trends and their inspirations, along with experiencing the everyday challenges of running a studio. 

We are always looking at new ways that we can develop so that the entire in-toto network benefits.  Our objective is always to be more efficient, have a better understanding of our customers and ultimately be more successful.

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