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Kitchen Sales to Surpass £3bn Mark in 2017

Posted on 22 June 2016


New research suggests that the UK kitchen industry is set to surpass £3bn in kitchen sales for the first time in 2017, due to a strengthening market in 2016 and thanks to consumer confidence and a buoyant housing market.

MTW Research claims that kitchen sales in 2016 are at an “historic high”, with 55% of kitchen product manufacturers experiencing sales growth in the last 12 months.

This follows the fantastic news that UK franchising contributed £15.1bn to the economy last year.

Consumers are spending more time in the kitchen as “cooking culture” becomes more popular, MTW said, which is prompting a significant change in the way kitchens are designed as UK homeowners want more versatile spaces for living and cooking. The Internet of Things market is also paving the way for an upturn in the kitchen market value, as consumers become increasingly hungry for connected appliances and kitchens.

“Whilst average UK kitchens are shrinking, demand for higher value kitchens with uncluttered, clean lines is strengthening,” said MTW research executive James Taylor. “There are clear opportunities for manufacturers to innovate in 2016, with clever furniture storage solutions and connected appliances which offer greater control set to drive healthy growth over the next few years.”

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